Sunday, 18 February 2007

A Secret Recipe To A Happy Household

Sooner or later, comes a time in the life of a mother when she feels like throwing her apron and spatula out of the window, hoping to never see them again for the remainder of the afternoon. And when that happens, the rest of the household knows what that means - we eat out.

Of course, in my household, that happens on a regular basis and we eat out every other time of the day (read: breakfast, lunch, dinner and also supper. Yes, we do have supper in my house; which usually comes in the form of a very, very late dinner). Anyway, yesterday we had a rather rare treat while eating out.

Since "someone" did not get "someone else" an anniversary present *cough*cough*, dad decided to take mom, and the rest of us out to lunch at one of the more posh eateries to make up for it. It certainly was an unusual change from the usual 'nasi campur' we usually have. In fact, such was my doubt that I initially suspected dad was going to ask us to go Dutch after everyone was full and content. I know, me and my thoughts.

I suggested that we go to Hartz Chicken Buffet at Berjaya Times Square since we could all pig out (hey, it's the year of the Boar, remember?) and grunt our way to a full stomach. But my parents thought the idea of eating like pigs was a bit gross and decided to have a more civilised and mannerly lunch at Secret Recipe.

Ah, yes. Secret Recipe. From what I can conclude, it is one of those bistros where fanciful couples come, sit down, order a slice of cake and stay for two or three hours. The most amazing thing about the whole experience is that they still aren't able to finish a single slice of tiramisu, even after those two or three hours. What a waste!

But I digress.

So my family and I waltzed in (trooped in was more like it) and took our respective seats at the eating table. A waitress swiftly came out of nowhere with a gleam in her eyes, and five menus in her hand. I'll spare you the details of us making that poor girl take down our orders, but after fifteen minutes, here are what we asked for:

Caramel Cheese Cake being done in by my mom

I had Grilled BBQ Chicken

Ice Blended Moccha with Caramel waiting to be slurped

Chicken Cordon Bleu (how do you pronounce that last word?)

Cheese Macaroni served with Prawns

Presenting, the mother of all meals - Irish Lamb Stew

We spent more than an hour enjoying our a' ala carte meals. I expected it from the beginning since you would naturally try to make the best out of the rare experience eating at such a fine place. Besides, eating with kids...... *sheesh* Had it been our usual 'nasi campur', lunch would have been over in less than half an hour.

If I could lick the plate, I would have. Just goes on to show how much I appreciate my meals

But we were full and content, and had smiles on our faces - which is always a good sign. Mom asked for the bill and it came to this:

That's close to what I'd spend on my meals for close to a month.

I think this has been a successful operation on the part of dad since mom's present would cost at least twice more than this. Just kidding mom.

Update: Look here! Dad did buy a present for mom! (though I have a sneaking suspiscion that it's an old present which has always been hidden somewhere between his pile of clothes, just waiting to be discovered). Anyway, good for you dad!

My mom asked whether this was just a trick and inside the wrapping were dry biscuits. The cheek!
P.s. Darn my shaky hands