Tuesday, 23 June 2009

And The Answer Is....

Since many of you asked what I'd give in order to achieve happiness, the answer is...

The Whole Lot

....a quarter of my weekly allowance.

Thursday, 18 June 2009



What would you give to achieve it?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Book With A Face

These days, everyone is on Facebook. From my old classmates, to the ones I have now and even people who I have no idea who they are yet, want to add me as their friend. All this is flattering (Hey Jams! 3 Qudoos!!!) but frankly, the one thing I'm really waiting for is for Ex-President Bush to come along and invite me to join the cause 'STOP CALLING MUSLIMS TERRORISTS!'.

Note: if anyone reading this is personally acquainted with Ex-President Bush - and no, I don't necessarily mean you Ms Rice - would you kindly pass along the message? Thank you.

Apart from asking friends to join causes (some of them hilarious - Think: Save The World From Stupid People, anyone?) another craze on Facebook seems to be taking all these quizzes devised by other users, some of them whom I suspect may have too much free time on their hands. Name The Footballer and What Is Your Personality Type? are some examples of the more intelligent quizzes while What Date Will Your Wedding Day Be On? and What Type Of Shoe Are You? are rather the exact opposites. Yes, there is a quiz which will tell you what type of shoe you are if you are willing to waste ten minutes of your life answering some questions which have absolutely nothing to do with shoes.

(On that thought, how does one become a pair of shoes? Do you have to have a last name like Choo? Or die first to be later reincarnated as a pair of Manolo Blahnik boots lovingly handmade using the finest alligator leather? No, wait. Do not answer. My mind cannot take this anymore.)

To me, the purpose of a quiz is to dig out some useful information about the person taking it, not such flim flam and flummery made up in the same amount of time it takes me to take a swig out of a milk carton while scratching my belly. In fact, if I wasn't too much of a lazy bum, I would have devised a quiz of my own which would probably ask questions like 'What aspect of Jamil do you find most attractive?' or 'If you ever had Jamil as a friend, will you treat him to some ice cream?' or perhaps even 'Jamil demands some attention. What do you do now?'


I don't think it'd be a rather popular quiz, would it?

postscript: I just became a fan of 'DAMN YOU FACEBOOK, I AM TRYING TO DO HOMEWORK'. And damn you indeed.