Thursday, 22 January 2009

Clapping With One Hand

Parents are capable of giving a bloody lot of good advice that their children wouldn't believe it. Come to think of it, children never do believe their parents until it's too late and something bad has happened because it is what children do and what parents complain about to other parents, but that is for another day.

Anyway, parents - God bless them - are a silo of wisdom. In fact, I will go so far as to say my own parents are the Fort Knox of sound and sensible advice. So the next time you are in search of some advice worth its weight in gold, feel free to make an appointment with either my Mum or Dad during consultation hours. Make sure to bring your own pen and paper.


Just the other day out popped another gem in the form of 'Never be a love beggar'. At first I misheard it as 'Never be a beggar lover' or probably 'Never be a bagel lover' which prompted me to raise an eyebrow and mutter 'Say what?'. That of course, invited a disapproving look from my parents. But after being repeated for a second time - or was it a third? - only did it dawn upon me what was it that they were trying to say. 

Jangan jadi pengemis cinta. Kalau orang taknak kita sekali, kita taknak dia sepuluh kali.

Let us imagine for a while, instances where this advice can be applied to good measure:

1) Phantom of the Opera
2) The Little Mermaid
3) The Hunchback of Notre Dame
4) Memey and Norman Hakim (Well, this probably doesn't fit in but I couldn't help it)
5) You who are reading this

Any questions?

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The VC Does Hospital Ampang

It never occurred to me how big the big shots in my university are. It's only at times when I see how other people treat them do I realise that 'This bloke's famous!'

The Vice Chancellor came over to our hospital yesterday to play Santa Claus visit those less fortunate than ourselves and hand out some tokens of sympathy. Apart from that, he also presented the hospital director with a surgical mask, a pair of gloves and a syringe - which were meant to be of symbolic meaning i.e. there's supposed to be boxes and boxes of the said items given to the hospital as a token of appreciation for having our students in your hospital but the people in charge of sending them will be coming around later. In the meantime, care to try on the surgical mask?

This is what happens when two boys have a blank moment - they are drained of all colour

"It's just like the movies! Albeit not as interesting"

"It's THIS small!"

"Dude...never use that hand gesture on another dude"

What plans does Mon have for that plastic bottle?

Oh, that's what.

Anuar does not like to tarnish his image by being in the company of poor conversationalists

Perhaps she's just too tired. Perhaps it's the long winded speech which no one cared to listen to

I take back my words. There is someone who paid attention, it seems

Sunday, 11 January 2009

I Like To Move It, Move It

Maxis Speedmaster Challenge. Re-write the Magna Carta under 5 minutes!

Living in denial. Shake your head until it comes off.

Illegal racing - you're doing it right

Panning. Pan sold separately

postscript: I've noticed that ever since getting that DSLR, my ability to write has been severely blunted. Perhaps a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Sour Grapes

Norman dan Abby bersama semula

If newspaper article titles sound too good to be true, then it's usually because they are. I yearn for the day where newspapers report that 'Sammy Vellu to (finally!) do away with tolls', but then in the most obscure part of the two page-long article, it will say '...when he's retired from politics'. It's not going to happen I tell you. In the case of the newly-vorced (as opposed to newly-weds), turns out that what it meant was that the two could possibly appear together in the serial drama Gerak Khas - which is an awfully different thing altogether, isn't it?

What got me to thinking wasn't exactly whether or not the once-Malaysia's-heartthrob-now-turned-baldie would play Cops and Robbers with his ex-wife on the small screen, but rather what would happen between the two when they meet on the set.

Abby: are things between you and that woman?
Norman: There is nothing between us and I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH HER! *stomps off set*
Yusof Haslam: *groan*

Now I know enough about divorces to know that seldom do the couple get along well - sincerely, if I may add - with each other after getting separated. Of course in public, the two will talk courteously and smile politely, but try taking away the public eye and you'll end up with two children who'll squabble about the most trivial things. (Come to think of it, even married couples behave like children who'll squabble about the most trivial things, but that's a different story)

And it doesn't even necessarily have to be people who used to be married and lived together under the same roof. Even for 'puppy love' types, there are those who magically assume the persona of Anne Robinson after breaking up. Funnily enough, they are exactly the same people who you once thought to be extremely demure, pleasant and charming.

Ahh...when love turns sour.