Thursday, 18 October 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!

Somehow, I get the feeling that this year's raya went absolutely wrong for me. Something like Michael Jackson's nose perhaps, or even like the time I decided to trust my friend to pick out a hairstyle for me. Both were terribly ghastly - especially my hairstyle - but they're nothing compared to the way I felt this raya.

What is so wrong about this year's celebration, you ask?

Well unlike the rayas in the past couple of years, I actually found myself having fun this time around. And that is upsetting. I mean, aren't kids the only ones meant to enjoy raya? Adults are supposed to only pretend having fun while sneakily trying to take another cookie from the jar whilst making it look oh-so-casual. Now I feel like I'm six years old again!

But really, I absolutely had fun this year. Maybe it was due to the recently announced exam results. Perhaps it was the congratulations I received from mum following that. Heck, it could even be due to Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor being the first ever Malaysian to blast off into space last week (does anyone else here knows that the bloke has a page to himself on Wikipedia?)

Then again, perhaps my happiness this year stemmed simply from the fact that I was surrounded by family.

Anyway, before I get too syrupry for anybody's nerves, I think I'll post up some raya pictures to rival those of drroza, mynn and sarah. Mind you, these shots were carefully set up to look as candid as possible. Do not be fooled into thinking that some of the pictures look as if the subjects were caught off guard - they were just simply acting to look as such.

One of the main themes for Raya pictures this year was the 'Yakuza look'. I think I fairly resemble Ken Takakura with this pose.

I told my cousin to tone down his degree of handsome-ness so that I wouldn't look half as bad. I don't think he listened.

What is Raya without family snapshots?

As you might have gathered by now, we adorned green threads on the first day of Raya.

How come my dad gets to take pictures with my celebrity-looking cousin and her husband?

This is the front door, but where's the rest of the house?

I just absolutely love my cousin's smile. It has "Yeah, right" written all over it.

This is my grandmother on a wheelchair. Sometimes, she let's us take it for a spin

My cousin's youngest child. That's right - saya dah jadi Pak Sedara!

There are lots more pictures but of course, they are all either 1) too personal 2) too hideous and 3) too embarrassing to be published here. Besides, blogger seems to be acting up these past few days, allowing me only to upload TWO pictures a time. What's the meaning of that?

I really had fun this Raya, and that's just all too well considering the fact that it's back to hitting the books this coming Monday *groan*