Sunday, 26 August 2007

Social Suffocation

About a month ago, we received a new batch of First Year students, which almost certainly added colour to the once drab Faculty. Where there was only lonely corridors before, now there are students bustling about on almost every floor. Previously, we used to joke around with the staff; now we poke fun at the juniors. Before, we needn't tussle for favourite spots in the library. Now...we just find other seats.

As expected from any self-respecting senior, my friends embraced this scene as a distraction from the boring text books that we endure every other day. And who wouldn't? Even yours truly welcomed the new students, albeit with arms not so wide open.

And that is the very thing which has been bugging me ever since the First Years came in. You see, there is this one student who happens to be a wee bit too 'friendly'. I am by no means an irrational person (even though Mum will staunchly disagree to that statement) but this kid here is just...well, to put it nicely - overwhelming. The sensation that I get when the said person is in close vicinity is similar to what one might feel when drowning.

And though I am sorely tempted to point my finger at the person's existence as the sole cause of this uneasiness, it would be more honourable for me to put the blame on my unkeen-ness to open myself to others, especially if they're younger than me. I like to preserve some personal space about me, if you don't mind.

Come to think of it, I don't have that many friends outside of my age group. Those who are 'leap students' don't count.

Looking back at the things he does, they're not that bad at all. Sure, I feel nauceaous when he comes up to make small talk. Of course, I quickly look for any nearby hiding spots whenever he slides beside me while I'm reading the papers at the library. And hey, I feel as if all my facial muscles are going into a spasm every time he flashes that priceless smile of his. It's just that I would appreciate it if he wasn't too eager to be friends and space out the encounters over a longer period of time, say oh, another hundred years or so?

Of course, I can't tell him all this; he'd be crestfallen. Which is why I'm lamenting pathetically in my blog. At least here, people will read about it and thank me for the update.

Postscript: To whoever it may concern, I have never thought of myself as a 'blogging wizard'. Perhaps Professor Dumbledore might fit the label better. Thanks for the compliment anyway *smile*