Sunday, 17 September 2006

While You Were Sleeping.....

...I was the poor shmuck who stayed awake in the wee hours of the morning, trying to make sense of the developing heart of an embryo.

I have, in the past two weeks or so, been tied up with so many commitments. So much so that I had a vague feeling of similarity to mynn, who, if you recall, also has had his hands full trying to meet the needs of all his demanding wives. My sympathies for the poor fellow.

First of all there were the mid-semester tests. Funnily enough, this time around, they weren't held on succesive days. Instead I had Biochemistry on a Tuesday, Physiology on a Thursday, Anatomy on another Tuesday the following week and Embryology just last Friday. It's enough to make anyone run out of the room whilst clawing at their own skin, screaming "No more! No more!"

I'm sorry. My imagination ran wild back there.

Other than that, I was also involved in the Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz which was held on the 9th of September in Universiti Malaya. The majority of local IPTAs and private medical colleges took part with overseas guest from Taiwan, Hong Kong and our ever beloved neighbour Singapore also joining in the party.

I can tell you, on the actual quiz day itself, the intellectual atmosphere was so intense that if President Bush had walked in, I think he'd have collapsed from the very pressure of trying to comprehend what the participants were talking about. I am luckily, no President Bush, and understood most of the terms used.

To be completely honest with you, I'm not at all satisfied with the fact that our journey ended at the first round. What makes me even more angry is the fact that we lost because of unequal degree of questions. Imagine, we couldn't answer our own questions, but when it came to the questions of other groups, we could give the correct answer without blinking so much of an eye. Not one to be blowing my own trumpet, I hasten to point out that when I said 'we', what I meant was my other team members. However, our Physiology lecturer was quick to console our forelorn hearts by saying "We can always participate next year. By that time, we'll be better than this year".

So there. Two events which have caused me considerable insomnia for the past two weeks. If you excuse me, I think I'll take a catnap now. Yawn~

Monday, 4 September 2006

Love Is A Windy Day

"This is the perfect kind of weather for some loving" said Awe to me the other day. He was, mind you, clad only in his purplish towel whilst having this faraway look on his face as he peered out of the bedroom window.

"Oh really? What makes you say that?" I replied with a face that looked rather blank, even for my lowly standards.

Awe then went on to give a short speech on why he thought that a windy day with some gray clouds penetrated by a few rays of faint sunshine was the perfect setting for some romance. By the time he was finished, I still couldn't understand what was the connection between the meteorological profile of that day and his idea of passion. Plus, I was getting hungry.

Love. The perfect thing to have a conversation about when you're half naked and wondering where life is taking you to.