Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Gruesomely Growing Up

All I want to do is write a bloody entry to post up. So write already!

The 'think tank' up there in my cranial vault seems to have stopped working these past few weeks. I suspect it all boils down to the lethal combination of studies, mindless entertainment on the telly and late, late nights filled with useless musings and perhaps one cup of coffee too many. What I really need to kick start my brain back into Edgar Allen Poe mode is some time off the real world and a plunge into the twilight zone.


I've always thought of myself as never having to grow up, and with a face that makes me look like a fifth former for life, that thought seemed pretty much possible. That was until I lived pass yet another birthday. Now, I find myself not only growing up, but also growing older and probably more *ehem*mature*ehem* too. Actually, discard that last part. I don't feel like I'm growing any more mature compared to when I was in Standard 3, but I do feel like I'm trudging drearily along the path to adulthood, and what a dreary path it is.

Responsibilities are slowly increasing in number and size. In fact, I suspect that by the end of this year, I might have to start thinking about how to go about filling in my own tax forms, never mind the fact that I'm still two-and-a-half years away from graduating. My obligations as a son are no longer limited to 'sweep the floors, hang out the laundry and don't forget to throw out the garbage', rather they now encompass more serious and adult-ly stuff such as 'come back home and visit your parents' or 'try advising your younger brother about his attitude' or even 'don't you have any nice friends to introduce to your sister?'. That last one was a bluff, but you get the idea.

And that's just my duties as a son. What about my other obligations as a friend, a student and a possible future electoral candidate for a by-pass election in which if I win, will see me catapulted into Parliament and open up my chances to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia? (which isn't exactly a future that I am keen on pursuing)

It sometimes get depressing, and leads me to dramatise my life, most notably in the forms of having trouble sleeping, a declining achievement in academics and a sudden caffeine habit, which is not too dramatic, frankly speaking. In fact, I'm sure that if ever my life were to be turned into a Hollywood film, it'd achieve about the same degree of success as that horrible Britney Spears movie, Crossroads.

So, what to do? Just grow out of it I guess.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Am I Paid For This?

So it's finally back to the 'wake up early, spend whole day at hospital, came back home to sleep' routine *sweats*

I'll be starting my surgical posting starting tomorrow. Personally, I would have liked to stay a bit longer in medicine but hey, why call them rotations if you're going to be staying in one department only, right? 


I had a lazy afternoon's discussion with my friend today. It revolved around our sad financial status and the even sadder rise in living costs. After some advanced and really complicated mathematics (involving the multiplication of 15 with 7), we figured out that roughly we spend around RM100 each week. And that is a lot for a couple of people who have yet to earn their own money.

Can you imagine that? One hundred bleeding ringgit per week just for meals twice a day, a weekly mobile phone top up of ten ringgit and the occasional indulgence in sweet corn ice-cream. Things sure are a lot more expensive than what they used to be back then.

I still remember back when I was in Standard 3, I would save some of my daily pocket money (which was just one ringgit, mind you) to 'feed' my piggy bank, which wasn't a pig at all, rather a monkey with a top hat and cymbals. I was very diligent (not to mention prudent) when it came to saving at that time, and guess how much I had saved by the end of the year - only 50 ringgit. Compare that to now. Today, the same amount can only see me through to Wednesday! (assuming I hadn't used it all up by Tuesday that is.)

At the alarming rate of rising prices, I wonder what'll it be like when I finally finish my undergraduate studies and start work. Probably I'll be declared a bankrupt before my first paycheck arrives.