Friday, 26 September 2008

I Want A DSLR (Gosh, That Was Direct)

My good-for-something friend Zaheer said "How come you're jumping from one interest to another? Is the PSP not good enough for you already?" when I told him about my plans for jumping on the DSLR bandwagon.

Now, Zaheer himself owns a Nikon D40 which has up to this day, faithfully captured more than 15,000 shots of various occasions including debate competitions, english getaways and those awkward moments when I am found with nothing on save for a towel. And I must say that the images produced are extremely pleasant on the eyes or extremely embarrassing, depending on which picture it is that we're talking about.

Actually, it's already been some time since I fancied a DSLR but like any other underpaid undergraduate, money has always been a stumping factor. Sure, there's my scholarship but as mum prefers to remind me constantly, that money can be put to better use. I would like to think that my Macbook is an example of that money being put to better use. 

Note: just in case you're reading this mum and get the willies, I can assure you that I have in fact been using this laptop in the continuous process of pursuing knowledge. Two case write ups, multiple seminar presentations and even more medical journals have been typed out, prepared and read thoroughly using the MacBook. Of course, several (and I cannot put enough emphasis on this word) photos have been digitally manipulated whilst listening to what some might call 'music that corrupts a generation' using that very same MacBook. Do not think of it as a misuse, rather a form of multitasking (well, it did come with Photoshop!). And another thing, this entry was written using this MacBook, so there you have it. Final proof, if proof be needed, that this laptop is being put to good use.

But back to the issue of DSLRs. 

So yes, I am thinking of getting myself one. It would be nice if I could snatch one in time for Raya so that I can click away silly and then delete half of the pictures due to underexposure - if the term exists. 

Alas, that remains a very distant possibility considering how little left I have my bank account. Next scholarship perhaps?

Postscript: Just in case I don't get to wish the readers on the day itself, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin dari saya Jamil Aiman, penulis blog tidak seberapa ini yang juga tidak dikemaskini sekerap yang saya - atau mungkin anda juga - harapkan. 

Have a great Raya everyone *smile*