Friday, 20 February 2009

Finding And Losing

One of the reasons why we're so polite to strangers - I'm assuming we all are because we're civilised beings - is because we do not want to end up looking like we were the one raised up in a zoo without any proper training in social behaviour. Surprisingly (or should I say not?), when we've known someone for a substantial period of time, that feeling of having respect and showing some courtesy towards the said person disappears. It's true. Try doing a cohort study on it. Get to know somebody new in your life. Note how you treat the person during the first couple of days/weeks/months and continue this practice for a reasonable amount of time. The outcome of this can be anything from ending up as husband-and-wife to staying merely as acquaintances, but the important thing is to note how you behave towards that person. 

Do you still stop yourself short of saying 'Yes, your bum does look big in that outfit'

Are you starting to roll your eyes whenever it's their turn to talk?

Do you find yourself starting to act like a self righteous bastard with the person?

I'm not saying that I don't do it - I do. Especially the bastard bit, although I wouldn't really call myself self righteous. Ask my parents. They are sure to tell you of countless occasions where they took heart with what I said. Ask my friends. I'm sure there have been comments in the past which they have never really forgiven me for it. Ask anyone who knows me - you'll get the same kind of answer.

As cliched as it may sound - don't take people for granted. Unless you happen to be a baboon with inept social skills (which I am sure you are not), always remember that the people you meet in life may not necessarily always be there for you. And when that day comes, will they leave with fond memories or otherwise?

Note to self: why so serious?

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Calling All Dinner Attendees!

An official photographer I am not, what more a professional photo editor. All apologies.

Having said that, support your local shooters with some smiles cash!

p.s. for more pictures of said dinner, please head over here. Modest Awe is always modest

Monday, 9 February 2009

My Friend The Shooter

Although I have mentioned Awe several times in my writings - and even invited him to be a guest writer once - I have yet to put up pictures worthy of embarrassing him. Call it polite manners or just sheer laziness on my part, the truth is that I am not giving him the due credit that he deserves.

So, in conjunction with 'Celebrate-Your-Buddy-Who-Persuaded-You-To-Take-Up-An-Expensive-Hobby' Day, here are pictures of the culprit, my very own friend Awe.

p.s. Considering the outstanding amount of *cough*manliness*cough* in the post this time around, it is well advised that readers head over to Yusoff's blog after this to rid themselves of any facial or bodily hair that they might have grown in the process of admiring Awe's manly physique. Thank you.



As you can see, the camera is permanently glued to his dominant eye

Sharing the spotlight with a...fuse box?

Awe is known to have the strength of 300 Persians SPARTANS

A photographer in captivity does not stop shooting

Awe is not amused by your lame composition

'Having a big camera adds colour to your personality' says Awe

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sharing Is Caring. Or Is It?

Depending on what the item is, sharing can either be a good or bad thing. Examples of good sharing are sharing an ice-cream, sharing a funny anecdote and sharing an umbrella in the rain. Examples of good sharing that are less glamorous include sharing the responsibility of changing the baby's diaper or splitting the bill at dinner. And then there is bad sharing - sharing an email joke that is not funny and sharing a laugh together with a friend while everyone else in the cinema is crying their eyes out during the scene where the heroine dies in the arms of the hero, are both typical examples of bad things to share.

However, the two examples provided above are nothing compared to this other example of bad sharing - sharing with others the same problem over and over again till they've grown sick of it. 

Let's clear something up first: there's nothing wrong with sharing your problems with others. In fact, it's good because now you've got a friend (because you wouldn't share your problems with an enemy) to feel just as depressed as you are about another friend who called you all sorts of names and accused you of being a member of the extremist left wing party. However, when the same problem is re-told over and over again with no new details to it, isn't it time to move on to new things or at the very least, new problems?

Your former schoolmate now hates you. Get on with it.

Your former classmate doesn't remember you. Get on with it.

Your former love dumped you. Get on with it.

See what happens when you don't let go?

Even after two centuries, Grimm's fairy tales have withstood the test of time and people all over the world still enjoy them up to this day. I doubt your stories - or mine, for that matter - are able of achieving the same degree of success.

So get on with it.